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Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 5 Download






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Welcome to the Terra Nova role play!


You might think this is a wee bit premature what with the show not long off its feet but I couldn’t wait!

The plan is of course to have established characters, but OC’s are welcome and if we get a substantial number of acceptable applications we could very well have the plot involving a new pilgrimage. 

Before applying, please read the rules. Then, browse the character list for the role you want (more established characters will be added depending on how many become involved) and then choose an application form (established character or OC) and apply!

Please apply with your personal account. Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible and you will be contacted through your personal account via a private message.

If enough people become involved, I will open applications for admins too!

Join this RP!

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Mark: I want to declare my intentions for you, Maddy Shannon.
Maddy: You want to do what to me?

I’m starting to wonder who’s really the awkward one in this relationship.

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Promo 1x06 Bylaw

I hate that we have to week 2 whole weeks :O

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Sneek Peek of the next episode: The Runaway

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